Narrative Development
When 33 Restaurants came to us to help develop the story and branding for their restaurants, we were faced with a challenge that we’ve tackled before: Tell the story at the local level, giving the customers an opportunity to join the story loop and become part of the long term narrative of the business. Defining the foundational key points and northstar of the restaurant, we are able to create a framework for every decision making process, creating a clear and consistent message in every external touchpoint.


UB Style Guide Basic-02.jpg

Brand Development
When we developed the Union Bear brand, our directive from the 33 Restaurant Group was to incorporate some existing brand elements from the previous version of the concept they purchased, while at the same time breathing new life into the overall brand to best communicate the unique elements of the restaurant/brewery’s future. A nod to the past gave us the platform for the future of the brand, paving way for an identity that could comfortably sit on the label of a crowler just as easily as a classy brunch menu.

UB Style Guide Basic-01.jpg
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